A web based Talent Analytics platform which reveals key insights giving you solid and reliable answers to strategic talent management questions. It offers hindsights on events which have happened and its machine learning core helps give foresights into key talent issues in recruitment, performance, engagement and retention.

Supercharge Talent Teams

  • Integrated Data
  • Supercharge Talent decision making with the power of integrated data. Combining data from operations with traditional talent data reveals disruptive patterns.

  • Visual Analytics
  • Powerful visual dashboards with drill down capabilities show not only the current trends, but causal factors as well.

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • With the inbuilt descriptive analytics suite, Pi-Talent ensures that the talent teams are never bereft of correlations to back their critical decision making.

Advanced Analytics

  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Machine Learning and AI drive the core of the Talent Predictions in Pi-Talent. With advanced algorithms as the core, talent teams are more proactive and efficient.

  • Simulation and Optimization
  • Simulation modules helps organizations simulate what-if scenarios and plan key decisions avoiding costly reworks and false starts.

Empowered Actions

  • Web Based Intelligence
  • With a web based interface, access to insights is almost real-time and transparent across the management layer. This ensures reduced ambiguity and a huge gain in productivity, as the focus shifts from reports to inferences and actions.

  • Precise Actions
  • With access to the causal factors, talent teams now plan actions with higher ROI. There are no more generic actions for all but personalized action plans with clear expectations.

We Help Organizations with

Workforce Analytics

Forecast and Plan demand and supply. Optimize resource utilization.

Recruitment Analytics

Predict key factors for renege, target most favourable segments for recruitment.

Retention Analytics

Analyse and Predict key levers – individuals or groups at risk – and identify action accordingly.

Performance Analytics

Predicting the success of individuals.

Survey Analytics

Predicting clusters of employees on similar engagement patterns based on employees satisfaction survey.

AI Driven Chatbots

Reduce operational effort of teams though AI driven Bots. Bots work alongside your teams to take up the most common queries and answer them, saving valuable time and resources.

In the Domains of

  • Manufacturing
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • IT


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